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Bleaching and necrosis of staghorn coral (Acropora formosa) in

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Scleractinian corals incorporate microplastic particles: identification from a laboratory study

Map of the three locations studied.

Ecotoxico Linking of Phthalates and Flame-Retardant Combustion

PDF) Biodegradation of Polyethylene Microplastic using Culturable

Staghorn coral - Wikipedia

History of a Massive Colony of Blue Acropora yongei Staghorn Coral, Reef Builders

Characterization of anthropogenic marine macro-debris affecting

PDF) Effects of Microplastics Exposure on the Acropora sp

Coral bleaching help REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

Impacts of marine debris on coral reef ecosystem: A review for conservation and ecological monitoring of the coral reef ecosystem - ScienceDirect

Unveiling the hidden threat of microplastics to coral reefs in

Bleaching and necrosis of staghorn coral (Acropora formosa) in laboratory assays: Immediate impact of LDPE microplastics - ScienceDirect

Frontiers The engine of the reef: photobiology of the coral–algal symbiosis

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